Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dressing up!

Now, I consider myself fairly easy going. Cross-dressing is part of life's rich tapestry and I have, in my time, owned and worn a bloke's tuxedo and shirts with ties and braces.

I am also very attracted to Eddie Izzard, in or out of his dress, and if I wasn't still deeply in love with my husband of 29 years, I would propose a fairly scruffy weekend away with the aforementioned comic! (Whether or not he/she would take me up on the matter is another matter but I would quite gladly pay for the priveledge, Eddie.) However, if you are of the persuasion and are keen to wear gender suggestive clothing on a regular basis and want to venture out into public life expecting to be accepted, please at least try to be somewhat attractive to the sex whom you wish to attract!

I have recently spent far too long in an enclosed space with someone who looked like he had just been demobbed from the Merchant Navy. (no offence intended) Someone with stubble, big freckles and the appropriate 'LOVE and HATE' tatoos engraved across both knuckles. Not one who looked in the least bit fetching attired in a white broderie Anglaise sundress with matching stilletos and clutch bag.

Come on now chaps! Play the game and make some effort. After all, that must be in the back of your mind or else you'd have stayed on HMS Macho and still be wearing your boiler suit. (Two of which I may add, I own in my own wardrobe and find enormously comfortable to wear and have been told that, I quote, 'look quite good in!'